Circus Flora’s Virtual Showcase

We are so excited to be sharing our Virtual Circus Showcase with you, St. Louis! Our virtual show captures the magic of circus — even when we cannot be together in person. You’ll see amazing acrobatics, daring flips on horseback, and some of the best-behaved cats we’ve ever met. Plus, you’ll get behind-the-scenes glimpses of performers’ lives (and living rooms! and backyards!). Thank you for the privilege of bringing the magic of circus to your homes this year!

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As is true for so many arts organizations, this is an incredibly difficult time for Circus Flora and all of our cast and crew. The bulk of our yearly income comes from ticket sales, so without a 2020 season, the outlook is a little scary. However, for nearly 35 years, the generous people of St. Louis have provided such amazing support. We would humbly ask that, during or after the Virtual Circus Showcase, you make a donation to show your appreciation for the artists who bring such joy to the Big Top. Donating is secure and easy — just click one of the donation options below.

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