Tumbling & Teamwork

Tumbling & Teamwork is a two-month training intensive for students with a range of learning and socialization challenges. Serving up to 15 youth per session, program participants learn a variety of circus skills, including tumbling, balance, juggling, clowning, and aerial arts while developing their self-confidence and communication abilities. All program activities, including tickets to the Big Top production, are free of charge to participants and their families. Each session culminates with a performance showcase of individual and ensemble acts.

The specific goals of the Tumbling & Teamwork program are as follows:

  • Provide access to positive role models, new experiences, and opportunities to learn circus skills together with professional artists.

  • Develop social competencies, including the ability to both trust and communicate effectively with peer team members, to overcome fears and build self-confidence.

  • Practice circus arts in a supportive environment.

  • Enable creative expression through conceptualization and presentation of a public performance.

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