Thank you for joining us for “The Quest for the Innkeeper’s Cask”!

An antique scroll unfurls to show the Circus Flora logo and the title: Innkeeper's Cask, with an image at the bottom of a clown with a barrel, while other performers perform in the background.

Circus Flora is going underground! The caves beneath St. Louis have fascinated the city’s residents for generations. Circusgoers can expect plenty of surprises as the troupe seeks the fabled ghost of an Innkeeper, believed to be dwelling under the city’s streets, who they believe is responsible for mischief around town. But lurking in the caves are more spirits, ghosts, and ghouls. Can our gang overcome their ghost-phobia and restore order in the town?

Acrobats, daredevils, aerialists, comedians and more tell this wondrous story in a way that only Circus Flora can. Remind your family that adventure and excitement are everywhere, even underneath our city’s streets!