By: Riverfront Times

Last year, Circus Flora brought a bona fide Hollywood star to the big top in Grand Center — Illinois native Britt Lower, recently of the HBO hit series Severance and in St. Louis to research a film project about circus folk. So how does St. Louis’ favorite homegrown circus top that? Well, how about motorcycle tricks? And crossbow stunts? And, get this … a “‘human fountain’ act you have to see to believe.” No idea what most of that means, but all will be revealed this Thursday, June 1, with Circus Flora’s new show Undercover. It also includes juggler Roberto Carlos; the Flying Wallendas highwire act; a few dogs; a pig; and Laura Lippert, an aerialist who gets suspended by her own hair. If that’s not enough to entice you, well, this probably isn’t your kind of circus. For the rest of us, it’s one of the high points of the summer — and a steal at just $15 a seat. Thursday’s peanut-free preview will be followed by the official opening night on Saturday, June 3, and the show will run Tuesdays through Sundays through June 25. Find tickets and more details at

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