By Jenna Joneson for the Riverfront Times
Thu, Jun 23

Wednesday 06/29

Pride Night at Circus Flora
Load up the clown car and head to Pride Night at Circus Flora. First, you’ll get to take in “The Quest for the Innkeeper’s Cask,” where the troupe explores the caves underneath our river city in search of an ancient relic that is believed to have mystical powers. But, the closer the troupe gets to uncovering the cask, the more obstacles and boobytraps they meet, leading them to believe that someone doesn’t want the cask to be found. Aeralists, daredevils, acrobats, comedians and more tell the story in the way Circus Flora only can. On top of circus-show fun, in honor of Pride night, the circus will host a post-performance drag show. Circus Flora’s Pride night (3401 Washington Avenue, 314-827-3830, is Wednesday, June 29. The show begins at 7 p.m. Tickets are $10 to $68.