Job Opportunities

Box Office

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Hospitality Tent Manager

Core Responsibility: creating an attractive, pleasant, relaxing environment for artists & key circus patrons. Prepare & ice wine, beer and non-alcoholic beverages, as appropriate.

Prepare snacks & other foods

Clean space daily, and as needed, maintaining décor and ambience

Set up for company events, donor dinners, potlucks

Provide request of stock needed in ample time.

Nightly shutdown, securing the tent, and lockup of consumables.

Determining whether patrons are authorized to be in the space. Requires late nights.

The ideal candidate is 21+, cheerful, reliable, outgoing and trustworthy. 25-50 hours, weekly

Please contact for more information.

Store Manager

Core responsibility: facilitating the opportunity for patrons to purchase merchandise

Display merchandise attractively

Manage cash, check and credit card transactions

Cash out reports following every performance

Inventory to ensure timely re-order of stock

Secure merchandise nightly

Collaborate with volunteers

The ideal candidate is 18+, cheerful, reliable, outgoing and trustworthy.

25-50 hours, weekly

Please contact for more information.

Ring Crew

Reporting to Ring Crew Chief

  • Assist Tentmaster during build-up and pulldown
  • Arrive on time for the daily work call
  • Assist and support Theatre Director and cast during rehearsal process and individual practice time
    • Learn and internalize prop, ring, and rigging needs for all acts and transitions
    • Ensure all prop and ring needs are handled quickly and safely
    • Aerial rigging should be attached in a safe and careful manner, so as not to compromise electrical equipment or big top attachment points. A safety harness is required when working on the king poles or in the cupola.
  • Assist and support Theatre Director and cast during performances
    • Ensure all performance needs are handled quickly and safely, including props, rigging, and ring maintenance
    • Ensure all props are rigging are set before each show and during intermission of each show
  • With fellow crew, maintain full responsibility for the state of the ring, before and after shows
    • Ensure ring curb is secure
    • Ensure ring curb is level
    • Ensure ring soil is level
    • Water ring as needed to keep dust levels low
    • Maintain cleanliness of ring carpet
    • Take pride in appearance of ring before and during shows, and during press appearances
  • Maintain all props are clean and in excellent condition; report any damage or additional prop needs to Ring Crew Chief
  • Maintain orderly backstage prop table
  • Empty waste bin by backyard toilets daily
  • Arrive on site at least 90 minutes prior to each show to handle all duties
  • Perform duties diligently and in a collaborative and respectful manner
  • Assist during emergencies to ensure safety of personnel and secure equipment where appropriate.

Please contact for more information.

Casting Notice

Circus Flora is regularly casting professional circus artists, variety artists, theatre artists, musicians, designers, and anyone else seeking to collaborate with Circus Flora in creating innovative and delightful live performances. We are seeking to cast for multiple world-class productions in the coming years, as well as smaller-scale appearances in the St. Louis area, and would encourage artists of all disciplines to be in touch.

Please contact with a CV and video/photos of your work.