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The big top in Grand Center went dark in 2020. In fact, Circus Flora’s tent never even went up in the pandemic era, and that’s a big deal for an arts group that has one major production each year.

But the red tent is now visible on the skyline and Circus Flora is roaring back with two productions this year: the one weekend-only St. Lou Revue in June and the postponed full production The Trial of the Century in October.

While it was hard to see the Circus Flora lot empty last year with no tent, Shoulders said some good came out of it.

“Making lemonade out of lemons, the tent being down last year allowed the Kranzberg Arts Foundation to make a lot of wonderful improvements to the big top site,” she explains. “There are new bathroom facilities and improvements to the tent itself.”

The St. Lou Revue will be a bit of a departure from the usual Circus Flora productions.

“It’s a variety show so you’ll see a little bit of circus and some other acts you’ve not seen under the big top,” says Shoulders.

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