Circus Talk
May 2, 2023

The Circus Flora Board of Directors is thrilled to announce the promotion of Jack Marsh to Executive Director. A familiar face to all who attend the Big Top show each summer, Jack will continue in his role as Artistic Director while also becoming the nonprofit’s executive leader.

“What a delight to have Jack in this role,” said George Pace, president of the Circus Flora Board of Directors. “Jack understands every facet of Circus Flora. He casts the show, writes it, and occasionally juggles in it. But he also has a background in economics and law, a facility with numbers, and a passion for growing Circus Flora. He brings our audience a remarkable rotating cast of world-renowned performers and produces something that, each year, brings a special brand of magic to St. Louis. Circus Flora is already a beloved institution, and it will further flourish under Jack’s leadership.”

Marsh has been involved with Circus Flora since he first learned to walk. Beginning in 1986, when he was just two years old, he rode into the ring on a Clydesdale (also named Jack). After receiving a B.A. in Economics from Harvard University and a J.D. from the University of Wisconsin, and then working for several years as a corporate attorney in New York, Marsh decided to run away to re-join the circus. Ever since then, he has helped Circus Flora create new and innovative productions.

“Circus has always been such a wonderful and formative part of my identity,” said Marsh, who each year crafts the show alongside his mother, Cecil MacKinnon. “There is Circus Flora sawdust in my blood. I am overjoyed to take on an additional role with Circus Flora, as we look ahead to our 37th year as one of St. Louis’ most cherished summertime traditions.”

In addition to his work with Circus Flora, Marsh served as the Executive Producer of Big Apple Circus until 2021, and he continues to create shows and events around the world.

Marsh is currently developing Circus Flora’s all-new show, “Undercover,” which opens June 1 and runs through June 25.