Jack Marsh
Jack MarshArtistic & Executive Director
Jack Marsh has served in a variety of roles at Circus Flora, beginning in 1986 when he was just two years old: He rode a Clydesdale, also named Jack. Marsh has since served the company through his juggling, acrobatics, and creative energy. After working as a corporate attorney in New York, Marsh ran away to re-join the circus, inspired to help Circus Flora create new and innovative productions. He was also the Executive Producer of the Big Apple Circus until 2021, and continues to create shows and events around the world. Marsh holds a B.A. in Economics from Harvard University and a J.D. from the University of Wisconsin.
Mariel Reynolds
Mariel ReynoldsGroup Sales Coordinator
Mariel is a third-generation performer who got her start when her family of musicians ran away with the circus. When she first left home, Mariel spent several years in jazz clubs and circus schools in France. She went on to study at San Francisco’s Circus Center, then teach at Cirque School LA, helping co-found their stretching program. Mariel polished her technique with acclaimed aerialists Elena Panova, Helene Turcotte, and Aloysia Gavre, and learned stretching zen from Mongolian contortion phenomenons Serchmaa Byamba and Ganchimeg Oyunchimeg.
Tracy Hutter
Tracy HutterAccountant
Tracy is a newcomer to Circus Flora, joining the staff in January 2023 as the organization’s accountant. She brings over 10 years of experience in serving nonprofit organizations while working in public accounting. She has also served as a Circus Flora volunteer and is an aspiring aerialist. Tracy is a licensed CPA and holds a B.S. in Accounting from the University of Missouri—St. Louis.


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