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The Case of the Missing Bellhop

The world-famous Balding Hotel has long been an exclusive getaway for dignitaries and nobility from around the world.  A place where the staff and crew have unusual skills and where people can go about their business without many questions asked – making the hotel famous for luxury and impeccable service.

But when a beloved bellhop goes missing, the Balding begins to attract attention. Secrets proliferate and questions abound! What happened to the bellhop, and who knew about it?

This show ran in the spring of 2018.

A St. Louis Tradition for Over 30 Years!

Circus Flora is a Theater Company, specializing in one-ring circus production, based on the focused energy of modern and traditional circus arts. Our goal is to create a truly American circus, with a narrative that engages audience members personally and emotionally, and physical feats that are inspirational. The world class company of Circus Flora becomes a family, preserving classical European circus traditions while incorporating innovative techniques and original new artists.

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The venerable Circus Flora brings fresh acts, a sparkling new lead character and a charming story with a touch of Wes Anderson whimsy to its new permanent home in Grand Center. The result is a delightfully entertaining and fun to follow along mystery.

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Aurelia Wallenda-Zoppe talks about high wire performances at Circus Flora

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