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Circus Flora will be back under the Big Top
June 6 through June 30!

Join us for Circus Flora’s 33rd Season — an unbelievable mix of excitement, charm, daring, and comedy — as we assemble a troupe of the best circus acts and storytellers, all in the intimate Big Top setting.

A trip to the grocery store is not usually the most exciting part of our day.  But the market is a place of intrigue and excitement in “The Caper in Aisle 6.” An ancient and powerful substance, long thought to be gone from the Earth, is found in the unlikeliest of places: aisle six of the local grocery store.  What secrets does aisle six hold, and what adventures will it set in motion?


A St. Louis Tradition for Over 30 Years!

Circus Flora is a Theater Company, specializing in one-ring circus production, based on the focused energy of modern and traditional circus arts. Our goal is to create a truly American circus, with a narrative that engages audience members personally and emotionally, and physical feats that are inspirational. The world class company of Circus Flora becomes a family, preserving classical European circus traditions while incorporating innovative techniques and original new artists.

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