Circus Flora Logos


Download different versions of the Circus Flora logo below:

For Use In Commercial Printing:


CMYK Coated

CMYK Coated Reversed

CMYK Uncoated

CMYK Uncoated Reversed

Pantone Versions

Pantone Coated

Pantone Coated Reversed

Pantone Uncoated

Pantone Uncoated Reversed

Black Versions


Black Reversed

For Use With Laser and Ink-jet Printers:

For Use With Microsoft Word

Hi Resolution Black

Hi Resolution RGB

For Use With Microsoft PowerPoint

Low Resolution Black

Low Resolution RGB

For Use With Products Other Than Microsoft:

Band Large

Band Small

Circus Flora 4-Color

Circus Flora Black

Ring Large

Ring Small

For Use On Web Sites:

RGB Versions

Large RGB

Small RGB